April/May 2016: Project Meeting at the Participating Hospitals

At the end of april the task group “Methods for Alarm Reduction” met for inspection of the intensive care unit of the University Hospital of Anesthesia / Intensive Care / Emergency Medicine / Pain Treatment at Oldenburg Hospital. Here, existing problems of alarm management were identified and the experiences of nursing staff and doctors depicted.

At may 2016 the first project meeting took place at the Hospital for Anesthesia and Intensive Care of the Justus-Liebig-University in Gießen. Time shedules and mile stones were established and project structures as well as organisational issues were discussed. A guided tour through the intensive care station of the clinic followed afterwards to get an impression of the local situation. The present nurses explained the proceeding at (false) alarm notifications and reported the arising stress.

Therefore, the project partners received important information from the working environment which will be integrated in future progress.